I’ve been shooting high-end video for broadcast and corporate clients for over twenty years. I'm fortunate that my work exposes me to a broad range of topics and brought me to many far-flung locations. Along the way I've learned to maximize production values for each situation, from highly choreographed, finely lit dolly shots to live multi-camera streaming to hand-held documentaries.

Today's market demands the flexibility to use many formats including 4k. I own both a Sony PMW320 (full-size 1/2" Cine Alta HD series with a Fujinon lens), and for cine-style productions I have a Sony NEX FS700 camera and a compliment of fast lenses for a narrow depth of field and a “film look”.  I use a Moza gimbal and DSLR for steadier handheld work and a multi-format HD field monitor with waveform that ensures confident exposure and consistent color on all formats and provides outboard data recording as well.

The packages include many camera accessories (mattebox ,filters, etc.), a comprehensive bi-color LED panel light kit , softboxes, audio equipment and HD video monitors. Additional Arri tungsten lighting, backdrops, a 4’ slider, pipe dolly with track, reflectors and other equipment as needed.

I am available with or without my gear and can rent to suit your needs. I also provide qualified crew members as needed for each production. I have extensive travel experience throughout New England, across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and overseas in Ireland, the UK, Australia, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Austria, and Bermuda.

My pragmatic approach to production with small yet skilled crews maximizes creativity and delivers productive shoots

and satisfied clients!