I've shot high-end video for broadcast and corporate clients for over 20 years. I'm fortunate that it has brought me to a variety of  locations and fascinating topics.  Along the way I 've learned a great deal about maximizing productions, from complex dolly moves to hand-held documentaries  to  live-streaming.
  Today's market demands flexibility in many video formats, including several versions of 4k. I now own both an ENG-style, shoulder-mounted camera and a large-sensor format camera deploying fast lenses for a Cine look ( Sony PMW-320 and Sony FS700.)  I am also familiar with most  current cameras and rent as needed for specific assignments.
      My  packages come with a high resolution monitor for color matching and exposure (Video Devices PIX-E7) that includes 4k outboard recording capabilty, as well as lenses and lens accesories, a full bi-color LED light kit, and a basic audio package including a mixer and wireless. I also offer fluorescent and Arri tungsten light fixtures, as well as a slider,  pipe dolly, reflectors, silks, green screens, backdrops and assorted grip gear.
    I'm available with or without my gear and can provide qualified crew members to suit your needs. My assignments have taken me to a lot of places throughout New England, across the U.S (including Alaska!), Canada and Mexico, as well as overseas in Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia, France, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, Holland, and Bermuda.  My problem-solving approach to video, with small, highly-skilled crews, encourages creativity and makes for efficient productions and satisfied clients.

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